Our free scruffs chauffeur service!

Your time is valuable and we know that our clients rarely drive themselves and don't always have an owner that is free to give them a lift.

So... we will send our chauffeur driven car (my dad!) to pick them up from home and deliver them back to their own doorstep... at a time to suit you!

As a bonus, scruffs chauffeur driven service is COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE if your little client lives in: Milford, Neyland, Hakin, Waterston, Herbrandston, Rosemarket and Llanstadwell

Call Aunty Sam on; 01646 690130


Our prices for a full makeover or spa day!

Small dogs;  Yorky, poodle, schnauzer, westie, shitzu etc. £25 - £30

Medium;  Cocker, springer, airdale, border collie etc. £30 - £40

Large breeds;  Old english, shepherd, standard poodle, retriever etc. £40 - £50

Special or giant breeds;  Newfoundland, St. Bernard etc. ...please ask!


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