Give them a scruffs spa day treat!

We know you are busy, but still want the best for your four legged family member.

Drop them off on your way to work and pick them up when you finish, any time between 8am and 6:30pm... and while you are slaving away on the corporate treadmill, they will be pampered and beautified, ready for your return!

Best of all, at scruffs, we don't charge any more for our all-day clients.  They receive every single one of our treatments, plus playtime, lots of fuss and, if you bring along their favourite food... a corporate lunch!

Call Aunty Sam on; 01646 690130


Our prices for a full makeover or spa day!

Small dogs;  Yorky, poodle, schnauzer, westie, shitzu etc. £25 - £30

Medium;  Cocker, springer, airdale, border collie etc. £30 - £40

Large breeds;  Old english, shepherd, standard poodle, retriever etc. £40 - £50

Special or giant breeds;  Newfoundland, St. Bernard etc. ...please ask!

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