Hello from Aunty Sam in Milford Haven!

Samantha Llewellyn has been grooming and looking after our little charges for more than 15 years, with experience of all breeds and temperaments.  Her services include;

  • bathe, blow dry and brush
  • double coat plucking
  • fashion clip and styling
  • painless anal gland evacuation
  • manicure & pedicure

Please have a look at our unique spa days and free chauffeur service!

Call Aunty Sam on; 01646 690130


Our prices for a full makeover or spa day!

Small dogs;  Yorky, poodle, schnauzer, westie, shitzu etc. £25 - £30

Medium;  Cocker, springer, airdale, border collie etc. £30 - £40

Large breeds;  Old english, shepherd, standard poodle, retriever etc. £40 - £50

Special or giant breeds;  Newfoundland, St. Bernard etc. ...please ask!

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